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Technical Support


If you are having a problem with your website or a technical issue in general, I can help you resolve it quickly. This service is for resolving a single support issue.


If anything about your website isn’t working properly, this service will fix it for you properly and quickly. This service is for resolving a single tech support issue. For example:

  • Broken website
  • Software conflict
  • Plugin recommendation + setup
  • Embedding a form
  • Missing images
  • Hosting config
  • Integrating with a 3rd party service

Hacked Website?

If your website has been hacked or infected with malware, I can help! Please contact me before ordering service so I can assess the severity and provide you with a cost estimate.

Not included in this service

Larger tasks such as WordPress speed up, website design, website migration and other services I offer at a higher price point are excluded from this service. To get help with those items, please go to my services section and order them directly.

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